Cleaning S.W. Florida
Including Tampa Bay And Lakeland Areas. One Family At A Time For OVER...
21 Years
OTHER SERVICES: We Clean And Seal Upholstery, Tile & Grout!
NEW: We Can Change & Seal The Color In Grout Lines! )

See Award Press Release and how we received it!!

The fact that I did not have to BUY an AD from ANYONE to receive this award says a lot!!

Customers in: Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico,.. So Far......

"First two vehicles..T-Bird with Trailer & Station Wagon in back ground". ......"3rd..Chevy Astro Van"

"FOURTH VEHICLE Ford Winstar". ......"Fifth Chevy Venture"

"Joseph With His "Gun" Rack".......... ............"Who I Go To Church With"

Joseph & Sylvia Ann says...YOU BET...We Do OUR Part To Fight "GRIME"!
But, We Need YOUR Co-Operation!
With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System..Featuring The *S.L.M Method:
*(Superior Low Moisture)

Main Number: 941-764-0004
Simply the Best Way To Clean Your Carpet!

We know that you have many companies to choose from.
We make your choice easy.
Just look at what we offer and you will see that we are a carpet cleaning company like no other.

A company you can trust.
No hidden charges, no high pressure sales tactics and no dangerous chemicals.

What's included? Why Choose Us?

1. Vacuuming.

2. Pre-treating.

3. Furniture moving.

4. Deep Cleaning.

5. Carpet Raking.

6. Spot cleaning.

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

2. No hidden charges.

3. Exact appointment times.

4. Dry in only 1-2 hours.

5. No soapy residue.

6. Clean-cut uniformed technicians.

Read what our customer's say! WOW!!


Don't be Fooled by
"To Good to be true" Pricing,
only to be misled into additional fees added to your bill
upon completion of services!

Why The Next Best Thing To NEW Carpets....
Is Joseph's CLEANED Carpets!

NuWave CC uses a scientifically-created system of carpet cleaning that
uses no soaps and no toxic chemicals.
Our system almost completely eliminates dust mites, allergens, and
other harmful biopollutants in your home's carpet and is approved for the
New Generation Stain Resistant Warranty Requirements.

When you see the difference between the two it will be obvious to you that the
Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning With Patented Enviro-CLEAN is the answer.

Carpet doesn't "Wear Out" - it "Uglies Out". Why? Because technicians using traditional
cleaning methods such as "SHAMPOOING", "DRY", or "STEEM"(sic)cleaning all can
have severe limitations in their long-term effectiveness in maintaining your carpet's luxurious life span.

Carpets you thought were CLEAN, really DO come CLEAN with the NuWave S.L.M.
Cleaning System
. The results from this patented dual cleaning process will amaze you!

Clean carpet looks great and improves indoor air quality.
Carpet acts like a filter trapping airborne pollutants,
hair, skin dander, nail clippings, bacteria, dust mites, odors and germs.
Have you noticed more runny noses and itchy, watery eyes lately?
“Clean for health, not just appearance.”
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Do you want your carpets Cleaned...or
do you want them Clean?

CALL NOW For A Quote!!

Port Charlotte/North Port/Punta Gorda/Englewood/Rotonda/ElJobean/Cape Haze/ ETC/:
Truck Phone: 941-204-3966 or...

E-Mail Me

Indianapolis ~ Dec '02, Homes on both sides are customers.

"We Don't Cut Corners.. We Clean 'Em"

Check out Cleaning Methods also "Before" & "After" pictures here!

We have many testimonials and a complete description of all our services and prices on this Web site.
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We ARE Known As The "BERBER" KING & QUEEN of S.W. Florida!

We have many testimonials and a complete description of all our services and prices on this Web site.
For more information, pick your path under the MENU below.


Call Or E-Mail Us Today & Get A Free Quote

Main Number: 941-764-0004 or 941-629-0630
Truck 941-204-3966


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NuWave Carpet Cleaning With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System - Featuring S.L.M. Deep Cleaning

Customers ~ E-mail me to register with phone number to make an appointment
We will verify by phone.

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Joseph's Story.

Always Remember: "Value is Perceived When Results Exceed The Expectations"

So When you are ready to get your carpets, upholstery, tile & grout CLEAN in S.W. Florida, including the Tampa Bay area!
CALL US....We get there fast!

Call any time! Port Charlotte/North Port: 941-764-0004
Tampa Bay Area & Lakeland: 941-629-0630
Truck Phone: 941-204-3966

NuWave CC cleans carpets, upholstery, tile and grout with the patented Enviro-CLEAN system using the S.L.M. Deep cleaner.
Our system uses very little water, and will clean your carpets or upholstery as clean or BETTER than you have ever received!


New customers - Click here to register and make an appointment.
We Will Verify By Phone

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Our bid is in to clean PIKES PEAK IN COLORADO!! (gift,coffee/donut shop)

"The BAD News.. It's 2000 miles away and 14,110 feet high!"

"We go to great heights to keep our customers satisfied"
Pikes Peak, CO. 14,110 ft. high.
We've been to the peak 4 times!
(You Can Drive Up also They have a cog-rail train going to the peak!!)
*We Will Go Back To The Peak.

(*Lord Willing & The Gas Don't Rise Too Much More)

See The NEW Pike's Peak Cam

"DO NOT drive off the top,
it is a pick-up truck upsidedown,
see the steering wheel just above the road sign".
If you like you can read about it here.

Update: "The GOOD News.. We didn't get the job!" :-}

K-2, Second Highest Mountain in the World But the Most Difficult to Climb ~ GO HERE!


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EARTH & FAMILY-SAFE Home Cleaning Products.

The Eagle
The Eagle holds a message
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We're proud to be Americans,
United, Blessed and Free!
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    Joseph's Carpet & House, Apt, Condo Cleaning Service
    Weekly - Monthly - One Time - Cleaning Available
    Call For Area Covered

    2349 Achilles Street
    Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood and Punta Gorda
    Tampa Bay Area & Lakeland Customers can Call 941-629-0630
    Truck Phone: 941-204-3966

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