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Nuwave Carpet Cleaning, License # 94699 is a Florida based company founded by Joseph Handlon, that has been operating since 1994
Offers Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Plus stain removal also cleaning business consulting.
In 1997, the company became involved with e-commerce. It has developed a number of Internet business ventures.

Joseph Handlon profile:

Florida's Carpet Cleaners Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in S.W. Florida including Tampa Bay Area.

Joseph Handlon is the founder of NuWave-Carpet-Cleaning.com. He served in the USAF as a medic in the Flight Surgeon's Office 1955-1962.
Upon discharge he went into direct sales (door to door) with Fuller Brush Co.

One snowy day in Ohio he knocked on the door of a Meat Plant Owner and was hired on the spot to be a "Food Plan" salesman.
He stayed in this type of business until 1994 selling a variety of products and services, vacuum cleaners, cemetery plots, water conditioners, baby furniture, news stories on plaques over the phone etc.

In 1994 he started working for a carpet cleaning company in Tampa Fl making appointments for the technicians,
after four months he started his own Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Business which has grown each year for the last 21 years.

In keeping with his motivation to spread the word about the carpet cleaning industry
to anyone who would like to have their own business

Joseph had his first "How to" books published in 1999.
He lives in Port Charlotte, FL with his wife, (friend, partner, and lover) Sylvia Ann.

and their three "kids" Salty (A 45 lb. spitz),(update Salty was about 18 yrs old, he passed on April 2003,
Cong (a nasty, mean Macaw)I GOT RID OF HIM!!!!Mar 2003

And our newest member, Pixie (a small Boston Terrier)

The family consist of six children all who have moved away from our home.
UPDATE: 2003 ~Three of the children have moved back home... temporally!
UpDate 2004 ~One Left!
Update: 2005 Another left, yhe one with 2 kids!!Leaves one, he is going to school, to graduate in 2 years!
UPDATE: 2007 UhOh... he graduated 2 weeks ago, STILL here.

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