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  • Eco-Friendly Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning………

    Low Moisture Cleaning systems are all the rage now a days in our cleaning industry globally.
    Terms like “Encapsulation (Encap), Oscillating Pad (OP) and Pad Cap seem to advertised everywhere.

    Before Hot Water Extraction came into existence,
    Carpet Shampooing (the original low moisture system) was the main method available in our carpet cleaning toolbox.
    The main downside though was how quickly the carpeting got resoiled and then needed cleaning again.

    However, like everything, technology moves ahead and leaps and bounds.
    Today, Low Moisture Systems are amazing and are proving very popular in the correct situations and have been opening doors to cleaners that previously didn’t exist, or that were simply to much hard work to pursue, for very little monetary gain.
    We are now witnessing low moisture systems that have outstanding abilities to clean the carpets and leave them very dry and doing so without leaving any sticky residue, and thus negate resoiling issues in both commercial and residential situations.
    While Low Moisture Cleaning systems will never do away with the Hot Water Extraction process, it does fill a need for most carpet cleaners and deserves a considerable amount of attention to learn more about these amazing processes.

    Encapsulation fixes common commercial carpet cleaning problems.
    It eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking.
    The crystallizing polymer encapsulates soil so it can be extracted with routine vacuuming.
    There is no sticky residue so it can’t attract soil.
    What you’ll see is incredibly bright and clean carpet, day-in day-out.
    One of the biggest advantages of encap cleaning is the rapid drying time. It can be just a fraction of the drying time of steam cleaning.
    NuWave Carpet Cleaning is SW Fla’s carpet cleaner for encapsulation cleaning.
    So be sure to ask about it if this method appeals to you and call NuWave Carpet Cleaning services office today!
    Benefits of the Encapsulation Cleaning Process Are:

    95% Less Water

    1 Hour Dry-Time (In Most Cases)

    Adds Longevity to the Carpet Fibers

    Prolong the Overall Life of Your Carpet

    Lifts & Refreshes Your Carpet’s Pile

    No Wet & Soggy Carpets

    No 6 to 12 Hours of Dry-Time

    No Mold Growth

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    These "before" and "after" shots show the effectiveness of our S.L.M. Cleaning System

    As you can see the carpets were just dirty, very dirty. Also at the first home, (blue carpets), I was working in a home with no water service, I had to use cold water,
    with hot water the results would have been even better.
    The Bottom pic shows results of our cleaning system!The pic's belong to Organic Carpet Care.
    The difference was simply getting the dirt out instead of forcing in down into the carpet.

    Judge for yourselves the results of the cleaning.

    Of course this system has the added advantage of being dry in one hour. No need to take the furniture out of the room when cleaning, just move the furniture to one side of the room, clean, and place the furniture back on the "damp" carpet.
    (I have been doing this for over 21 years and I have never had any furniture to "bleed" on the carpet!)
    And if I ever do get any "bleed-off" I know how to remove it!!
    This fast drying time is a real benefit if you have customers that are moving into a house and need the carpet cleaned at the last minute.
    It also is beneficial if you clean apartment complexes, they often need them cleaned on the spur of the moment.

    Also if a carpet is steemed and then left to sit in the humidity of summer, often the carpet will get a musty smell to> Carpet backing is adhered to the carpet by "latex" glue. This glue is very vulnerable to water and moisture. By damp cleaning, all these problems of carpet de-laminating are eliminated.

    Shampooing causes its own problems, especially the sticky residues that are left behind, that cause carpets to resoil quickly.
    Our cleaning product leaves "NO" sticky residue and carpets stay clean longer.
    Also the carpets are usually left quite wet with the shampooing method, although there are dry foam methods that are drier, they still have the residue problems.

    Dry cleaning's biggest problem is it just doesn't deep clean at all, also those "sponges" often stay in the carpet for years.
    Technicians have cleaned carpets years after they were cleaned with the little sponges and have had excessive amounts of the sponges come to the surface and being released from the carpets. These dry cleaners often appear like a corn meal and sawdust combination and are rather hard and gritty.
    All that left in the carpet can not be good for the carpet.

    So as you can see, there are plenty of different types of cleaning out there. As a rule the technician determines the quality of the cleaning results.

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