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How to do a better job, and get more money from the best customers.

"Custom Carpet Cleaning"
How To Make More Money In The Carpet Cleaning Business.
by Gary R. Heacock

Some history of Gary R. Heacock.

In the professional carpet, furniture and drapery cleaning business since 1956. Has done all types of cleaning, including water damage and fire damage restorations. Has attended many courses, seminars, workshops and conventions.

In 1973 took the course for master cleaner and fabrics inspector, put on by Association of Interior Decor Specialists, taught by Ned Hopper.

Has taught carpet, furniture and drapery cleaning many times. Writes for trade magazines, speaks, and gives demonstrations at conventions. Has owned and operated own business since 1977.

Former President Oregon Chapter of Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest. On the Board of Directors for 5 years.

Has, and uses on a regular basis, steam, both portable and truck mount, shampoo, bonnet, dry cleaning, and powder cleaning equipment, for carpets, furniture, draperies, and ceilings. Has own Rug washing plant, converted from garage.

Has worked both in plants and on location in all aspects. He is widely known as an expert in every sense with fabrics, the cleaning of them, and the chemistry of cleaning.

Contents copyright 1986. Second edition copyright 1989. Third edition copyright 1991. Fourth edition copyright 1999. All rights reserved. May not be copied or quoted, by any means, except by permission of author.
Custom Carpet Cleaning Index

1:A Typical Cleaning job. Page1
2:Inspection. Page 2
3:How To Lift And Move Furniture Easily. Page 3
4:Cleaning Chemicals. Page 5
5:Acids and Alkalies. (pH Explained). Page 7
6:The Art and Science of Spot Removal. Page 8
7:Yellowing in Carpets. Page 12
8:Cleaning Temperatures. Page 14
9:Better Carpet Cleaning Tools. Page 16
10:Better Cleaning Methods. Page 19
11:Cleaning Stairs. Page 22
12:Dividing The Work. Page 23
13:Foils- Up or Down?. Page 25
14:How To Correct Browning. Page 26
15:How To Clean Under Beds, Etc In 5 Minutes Or Less.Page 28
16:Tips And Shortcuts. Page 29
17:Bonnet Cleaning- 2-3000 Sq. Ft. Per Hour. Page 30
18:To Groom, Or Not To Groom?. Page 32
19:Sprayers For Topical Treatments. Page 33
20:Cleaning Cotton Rugs And Carpets. Page 34
21:How To Clean Dhurries And Other Oriental Rugs. Page 35
22:Urine in Carpets. Page 37
23:Indicator Dyes. Page 43
24:Re-Coloring and Spot Dyeing. Page 45
25:Cleaning for Health. Page 48
26:Removing Filtration Soil Lines. Page 50
27:Cleaning Stain Resist Carpets. Page 52
28:Cleaning Airplanes, Yachts, RV's etc. Page 54
29:Selling Retail Items. Page 55
30:"Specials"- Good or Bad?. Page 57
31:Doldrums Got You Down?. Page 59
32:More Dollars Per House. Page 61
33:How To Get Higher Prices Than Your Competition. Page 63
34:Turbo Steam Cleaning. Page 67
35:How To Charge (And Get) 50 Cents Per Square Foot. Page 71
36:How to Increase Your Commercial Work. Page 74
37:Truck Mounts- Slide In vs CDS Machines. Page 76
38:How To Make Money From Water. Page 79
39:How To Charge for Water Damage Services. Page 81
40:How To Reinstall A Removed Carpet. Page 82
41:The Psychology Of Proper Pricing. Page 84
42:Knowing Your Costs And Making A Profit. Page 86
43:The High Price Phenomenon. Page 89
44:Why Some Businesses Fail. Page 92
45:Preventing Business Failure. Page 95
46:On Building Confidence. Page 98
Sample Forms To Copy. Page 100

How to clean any upholstery fabric, draperies, lamps, toys, etc.

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Index

1: Introduction. Page 1
2: Sources of business. Page 3
3: Economics and pricing. Page 4
4: CLeaning chemical terms and definitions. Page 8
5: Acids and alkalies, the pH scale. Page 12
6: Weaves, Types and styles of materials. Page 13
7: Examine and qualifying. Page 16
8: Typical cleaning procedure. Page 19
9: Types of cleaning systems. Page 24
10: Cleaning pile fabrics. Page 25
11: Cleaning Haitian cotton and other problem fabrics. Page 32
12: Cleaning canvas fabrics. Page 40
13: The art and science of spot removal. Page 43
14: Cleaning silk and wool. Page 49
15: Cleaning suede and leather. Page 52
16: Better tools, brushes, and sponges. Page 54
17: Machinery. Page 62
18: Cleaning temperatures. Page 65
19: Types of solvents to use and not use. Page 67
20: Soil and stain retardants. Page 70
21: Fabric repairs. Page 74
22: Woven wood, upholstered walls, sight divider panels. Page 77
23: Indicator dyes. Page 79
24: Speedy furniture cleaning. Page 81
25: How to cure faded furniture. Page 85
Allied Services You Can Do
26: Drapery cleaning. Page 87
27: Cleaning vertical blinds. Page 93
28: Ceiling cleaning. Page 96
29: Cleaning mattresses. Page 99
30: Lamps and macrame. Page 100
31: Toys, purses, luggage. Page 102
32: Cleaning art fabrics. Page 104
33: Applying flame retardants. Page 106
34: Cleaning planes, yachts, Rec. vehicles. Page 109
35: How to increase your prices. Page 111
36: More dollars per house. Page 115
37: Selling retail items. Page 117
38: Good ecology in cleaning. Page 118

How to do this profitable work.

Water Damage Cleanup Index

1: Introduction. Page 1
2: How to make money from water. Page 4
3: How to charge for water damage services. Page 8
4: Getting the work. Page 10
5: Equipment and chemicals needed. Page 12
6: Fans and air movers. Page 14
7: Dehumidifiers. Page 17
8: A clean water job. Page 20
9: Sewage, dirty water and mud. Page 24
10: The squeeze. Page 27
11: Mildew, cautions, and treatments. Page 28
12: Ozone and fogging. Page 30
13: How to re-install removed carpets. Page 32
14: Correct installation procedure. Page 33
Typical water damage form. Page 35

How to start and successfully run ANY kind of business.

Wealth: What It is, And How To Get It Index

1. What It Is. Page 1
2. How To Get It. Page 5
3. Where It Comes From. Page 10
4. Some Examples Of Creating Wealth. Page 16
5. What Is A Goal, And Why Set It. Page 22
6. Ideas Flowing In. Page 26
7. Let's Set Some Goals. Page 31
8. Double Your Generating Power. Page 36
9. A Business Name. Page 38
10. Getting Started. Page 43
11. Should You Have A Partner?. Page 47
12. Advertising. Page 49
13. When Business Comes In. Page 55
14. Time Management. Page 59
15. Hire, And Delegate. Page 62
16. Profit, Break Even, Or Loss?. Page 64
17. Why Some Businesses Fail. Page 69
18. Independent Wealth. Page 74
19. An Innovative Merchandizing System. Page 77
20. Your Business Is What???. Page 83
21. Where Have I Been, And Where Am I Going?. Page 86

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