Formally Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning
Servicing S.W. Florida Including Tampa Bay And Lakeland Areas.

Customers in: Florida,Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico,.. So Far......
The Next Best Thing To NEW Carpets....
Is Joseph's CLEANED Carpets!


This is not a franchise!

Nu-Wave C.C.. is offering consultation for the patented cleaning process to a limited number of ambitious, dedicated and well trained folks who want to operate their own business and are looking for an exciting and profitable future!

You will receive one on one training how to start and run your own Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning business, featuring the S.L.M. method!

Consultation Will Cover: Complete cleaning system explaination, $400-$500 dollar income days are not unusual!

These "before" and "after" shots show the effectiveness of our S.L.M. Cleaning System

As you can see the carpets were just dirty, very dirty. Also the top pic's (blue carpet) I was working in a house with no water service, I had to use cold water, with hot water the results could have been even better.
The difference was simply getting the dirt out instead of forcing in down into the carpet. The bottom pic is with our latest machine!

Judge for yourselves the results of the cleaning.

Appointment development, not just expensive advertising, (with no appointments..... the BEST technician is "out of business")!

Includes all necessary scripts, flyers, news letters, door hangers etc!

Hands-on training of all equipment!
You will actually clean upholstery and carpets! (SEEING IS BELIEVING)!

Nu-Wave will provide you with access to the best equipment, supplies, and TRAINING.
We have saved clients several hundred dollars on this one benefit alone!

  • See A List Of Equipment needed!!

  • You receive a complete business manual containing all the forms, scripts, ads., door hangers, etc. So you are able to refer to any part of the business help at any time.

    Consultation includes up to 12 hours one on one training Plus a phone support package - You will be in business for yourself-but not by yourself.

    GUARANTEED to be able to start your business the very next day after training & obtaining needed equipment!

    The benefit of offering a patented cleaning process, is that you are no longer a "me too" carpet cleaning company. You will have a system that is not only unique, but works magnificently, and would be available locally only through your company!

    The process uses only non-toxic and non-allergenic products, with NO SOAP! Because most of us live and work within sealed buildings, especially within the commercial realm as well as the newer energy efficient homes, our immune system is compromised with every breath.

    The quality of indoor air is a very big concern. As the public becomes more and more aware of the health consequences of this, your business will become even more valuable.
    You will have the only patented carpet cleaning process that eliminates the existing chemical build-up on carpets and upholstery, and does nothing to add to the problem!

    The market for this patented process is huge!
    In addition to residential clients, there are day care centers, medical offices that deal with asthma patients, allergy specialists, etc.

    The process cleans upholstery fabrics such as cottons & silks (even Hatian Cotton)(like nothing you've ever seen) which opens another money making opportunity.

    The consultation for the patented cleaning system is an affordable...$650.00, which includes all training, a tested marketing plan that works, field training, actually cleaning carpets and furniture, unlimited phone support line.

    Our package gives the exclusive rights to use Nu-Wave C.C.'s cleaning methods in an area of your choice, in which you can operate your business at your own pace.

    We help you with your own logo and phone number for your van/wagon. You will be responsible for acquiring a van or station wagon which will be suitable for the business.
    We recommend a white van or station wagon.
    A used van or wagon is fine if it is in good shape. (I started with a small covered utility trailer pulled by the family car) It was WHITE though :-)

    We offer a turn-key operation. This means the day you complete your training and obtain your equipment you can begin cleaning carpet & upholstery and realize an immediate cash flow.

    OPTION 1.) We will come to your area.
    OPTION 2.) you can come to the home office area. (Port Charlotte, FL On the "BEST" Coast)

    Our training package is complete. You will receive ALL TRAINING necessary to operate a Carpet& Upholstry Cleaning Business.

    You will be responsible for a few items which are not included in the license. Such as business cards, a business license for your city, liability insurance. These items will need to be taken care of in your local city.

    When compared to other opportunities, Nu-Wave C.C. is the BEST value at the most reasonable cost.
    We do not sell a lot of blue sky.
    You get actual value in training, for the money you spend with Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning.

    Our program is designed to keep more money in your pocket.

    1. We are looking for people who want to own their own business. Ones who are dedicated and confident in themselves.

    Our process works and our customers love it. This is a proven fact. Once we find the right person for an area.
    This business can be the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

    Please call us at the home office to discuss which option would be best for you.
    Our business has a lot to offer.

    OR SIMPLY FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and we'll call you.

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    Should you wish to explore this rare opportunity in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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