Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System

Thanks for your interest in our carpet/upholstery cleaning opportunity.

Listed below is the equipment required! We can point you to the Mtfg's Everything will be less than $2800.00


1-Commercial vacuum to remove dirt from carpet and furniture.

2-Pump-up sprayers to apply pre-treat solution and DuPont Teflon sealer.

3-Trigger spray bottles for spotting, applying deodorizer (pet problems) etc.

1-25lb. box of rags.

1-circular motion scrubber (175 r.p.m.)

1-clutch plate with 17 inch scrubber brush

1-clutch plate with bonnet holder

3-absorbate bonnets (for wear/traffic patterns)

1-carpet rake

2-hand scrub brushes (oriental rug tassels and fine furniture)

1-gal spotter solution (makes 64 qt.)

1-50lb. box of dry "space age" cleaning solution (makes 400 gal. enough to earn over $10,000.00)

1-gal Dupont Teflon solution (5 to 1 mix)

1-gal Sanitizer (Keeps spots from coming back! (Use 2-4 oz and make an extra $19.95)

In short, the package includes everything you need to clean carpets and upholstery, We also clean cars, vans, clean & seal tile, and grout! Also strip and wax Vinyl tile/

If you have any questions,
please give us call...941-764-0004

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