Nu-Wave C.C With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN Cleaning System

Nu-Wave C.C. With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System

Simply the Best Way To Clean Your Carpet!

How Does It Work?

Safely, Gently & Effectively!!!


We rake the carpet to loosened dirt so that the patented Enviro-CLEAN system removes all the dirt, pollens, dust mites and their droppings, fungus, bacteria, chemicals and the tars and residue from tobacco smoke.
The system uses only enough moisture to activate the special no soap solution leaving the carpet virtually dry upon completion of the Nu-Wave C.C. With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System cleaning process.

2. Again your carpet is vacuumed with a high powered vacuum equipped with a HEPA Like filter - High Efficiency Particle Air filter. This filter pulls all pollen, mold, bacteria, and contaminating particles out of your carpet - say goodbye to allergy irritation caused by your carpet!

3. We inject a specially formulated, "no soap", non-toxic dirt releasing agent with our application process. There are no sticky residue left on your carpets and furniture to attract soil and dirt so they do stay cleaner longer!

4. Your carpet fibers are then given a deep but gentle scrub, using our cotton pad extraction step where needed to remove the oils resulting in the like new look for all your carpets.

5. Your carpets are given a final rakeing bring the nap to its full height. making it look fluffy and new.


So, where does the dirt go?

Well, to fully comprend that, we need to go beyond single dimensional thinking here, let's go back to high school chemistry, Issac Newton said that "matter is neither gained nor lost". So, we know the "dirt,Oils" doesn't disappear. But, quite simply, it takes another form.

Here's the answer to the question: First, when the technician brushes and vacuums the carpet, the solids are removed. The only thing making the carpet "dirty" are the oils still in the carpet. Now, the protein enzyme spotter solution, together with the "no soap" solution, digests the oils and they crystalize and are removed with a finish vacuuming by the customer after 48 to 72 hours.

So, you see, the oil took another form, not a residue, but a crystalization that's unseen. It is as simple as that. This is a non-toxic, non-allergenic, odorless, biodegradeable, non-residue cleaning process.

Can you see how much more effective this no soap solution cleaning is than soaking a carpet with hot water and detergent?

Do you want your carpets Cleaned...or
do you want them Clean?

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