NEW Nov 16 2006

REPLACEMENT FOR THE FAMOUS "SOFA JACK"!!! Furniture Kickstand. Easy to lift up then holds up sofas, beds, desks, coffee tables, etc.

Lift sofa by the handle, support leg drops down and holds sofa up.

When ready to lower sofa, slightly lift with one hand to remove pressure on support leg, And by pulling on support leg rope , with other hand, support leg swings out of the way.

It can hold one end of a sofa, etc as high as 12 inches.
Now you can clean under it without moving the sofa, bed, desk, etc.
Makes the sofa easier to clean while up in the air.
If picking up or spreading a rug under a sofa, bed, desk, etc, this makes it a lot easier.

Lifts and holds up coffee tables too.

Lifting and holding up a 200 pound solid oak desk.

Easy to clean under it without moving it.

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