When is the last time your carpet cleaner
bought you a PIZZA?

Yes, that's right! When is the last time you even got a thank you note from your carpet cleaner? Well, I am glad to tell you we are different! We appreciate our clients; and we are delighted when they tell their friends about our services! But you haven't heard the best yet?

Nu-Wave C.C. $50,000 Local
Free PIZZA Giveaway

Simply Follow Instructions Below and recieve a Certificate

We are so grateful for your referrals that we will send you a PIZZA certificate when you tell somebody about us!

You see, I hate to pay some hefty advertising commissions to some "suits" in an advertising agency. Iíd rather reward you for your help! My loyal clients, or people who know my work, and help me spreading the word about my services deserve to be recognized and share on the windfall! So, here is your chance to look like a prince with your friends and get a free PIZZA from the best carpet cleaner in town!
Just follow these easy steps:

...and remember; if you didnít get a free PIZZA,
you didn't recommend the right carpet cleaner!!!

Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning Co.
Port Charlotte 941-764-0004; Lakeland 941-629-0630 Truck: 941-204-3966

Someone YOU know needs their carpets/chair cleaned ... e-mail us today!

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