"Mt. Hood Portland, OR - 11,235 ft High"
We have not been to the peak.
We want to go to the peak!

"Mt. McKinley - 20,320 ft High"
We have not been to the peak.
"I" want to go to the peak!
Mount McKinley or Denali in Alaska is the highest mountain peak in North America, approximately 20,320 feet (6,194 m)
It is the centerpiece of Denali National Park.
The mountain is also known as Bolshaya Gora (Большая Гора), meaning Big Mountain, in Russian.

The Grand-Daddy!! ~ "Mt. Everest Tibet and Nepal - 29,029 ft High, so far....
The mountain grows about 1 millimeters a year.
The two teconic plates of Asis and India
which collided many years ago to form the Himalayas,
continue to press against each other.
This causes the mountains to grow slightly each year.
We have not been to the peak.
WE DO NOT Want To go to the peak!!!

Some more interesting facts about Mount Everest:
Over 3,000 folks have been to the peak.
60 some are women.
The youngest was a 15 year old boy.
The oldest, Takao Arayama, from Japan was 70 years old...
...Yuichiro Miura, also from Japan was 70, (3 days younger)!
Yuichiro's was the oldest until 2006,
now his claim to fame is,
he's the guy that skied down Mt Everest 33 years before.
Update: Yuichiro's in training to retake the "oldest" record, he is 74 now.
Another Japanese climber Ken Noguchi *97,
has led five expeditions to pick up the trash that has been left there.
Noguchi estimates that he has so far collected 19,800 pounds of garbage,
including tins, tents, medicines and old food.
(*just kidding, I don't know his age)

"Mount Saint Helens 1 day before the eruption".Was 9,677 ft. to the peak., You can now climb MSH ~ Cost $22.00 for permit
and can be purchased on-line.
And on the right is after the eruption in 1980. Now just 8,364 ft.!
The explosion had the power of 500 atomic bombs and was the largest of its kind in recorded US history.

See A Live View of Today's Mount Saint Helens from Johnston Ridge Observatory.
They now have a great view available!(Works most days)
-- Link courtesy U.S. Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Please note - the VolcanoCam is not ours, it belongs to the National Monument. We are simply providing a link to their site. If you have any questions about the VolcanoCam please contact them.

Mount Fuji ~ The highest mountain in Japan
12,388 ft.to peak. I have been to the mountain, not to the peak and We will not be going to peak!