Our God Of Salvation And Restoration...Joseph Handlon

(This Is My Testimonial Story)
Our God Of Salvation And Restoration
When I was 5 years old we lived in Indiana out in the
country, so far that we had to use a horse and buggy
to get the last half mile! My dad was not a farmer,
but he owned and operated a sawmill. 
We did have horses, a cow, chickens and hogs. We also had 
a garden where my job was to hoe, pick potato bugs off the
plants (which I hated--my job that is) but I loved the tomatoes!
I vowed never to have a garden myself, and at the age of 77
I have never had one.
Dad cut trees for homebuilders & cross ties for the railroad
at his saw mill. My job there was to shovel the sawdust.
(This led me to another vow, never to own a saw mill and
I haven’'t!)
I described this to tell you that I would accompany 
the men to the woods to watch them cut the big trees down 
for the sawmill. They would notch the tree to determine the
direction it would fall.
I always asked them which direction the
tree would fall in and I would go to the other side. One
morning I asked which way the tree was going to fall and 
I went to other side as usual.
But this particular tree twisted on its way to the ground 
and fell right toward me!
M y older brother, Charles Ray, told me later I had run
fast to get out of the way, but I had run in a straight line
with the tree instead of cutting left or right.  Either way I
would have gotten me out from under the falling tree.
What happened next was what I consider a miracle!
It was a huge tree and I should have been killed! (Just the
other day I saw a car that a tree had fallen on during the
hurricane that hit MS & LA; that car was smashed flat.)
Now, as the tree was falling and I was running, a limb with
a fork in it came down on my head; the limb bent as it fell,
and just before I was to be smashed into the ground the limb 
straightened out pushing me out of the way of the body
of the tree. Not a scratch!
This is just a part of my story because years later I
Realized that I been saved from the falling tree by
God or one of His Angels! He has a job for me!
I grew up through high school during the 50's, (the last best
period of time to grow up in). No abusive parents, no bullies
in school, no drugs. Just racing my 52 Olds ;o)>
Upon being discharged from the USAF I took a job selling
food door to door.  My manager Jim Chism, and I rode 
around making appointments to explain the food plan.
As we traveled from neighborhood to neighborhood, 
Jim would witness to me using Eph 2:8-9:
"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not of works
lest any man should boast." (kjv)
To make a long story short, on a Tuesday morning 
at the office approx 10 a.m. in 1963--I accepted 
Jesus as my savior! I was 50 Ibs. lighter, (at least
I felt that much lighter) with all my burdens off
my shoulders!
I was in my "first love" with the Lord!
I studied the word, attended church, told people
about Jesus and what he did for me. This witnessing
continued for approximately four years. Then we
moved to Florida, and found a good church.
I was even convicted about my smoking. Finally, after
two years I quit! (More about this later).
Then I gradually stopped going to church, I stopped
reading the bible, no prayer life, and soon I was drinking
and visiting bars, living back in the world.
 Saved but no works. God is not mocked!
This continued for several years but about seven years
ago, several things came to a head. My business slowed
way down. I got behind on my credit card bills, behind
on my mortgage payments, but still drinking at home.
(I had stopped going to bars several years ago)
The mortgage company foreclosed, I was going to lose
our home! I did the only thing I knew that would stop the
foreclosure. I filed bankruptcy--chapter 13! About this time 
I found an on-line bible college. I started taking the lessons
and getting back into God's Word.
Here's something. While watching Christian television one
afternoon, "The New Jim Bakker Show" came on. 
(The PTL Club:Pass The Loot Guy). 
I knew he had served 5 years of a 45 years sentence,
but I listened to him for awhile. (Not too long after he 
had been released, he was back on T.V. with a different
No more prosperity and feel good messages! He told me
about a God of restoration for himself and others. 
And along with my bible studies I was "Restored, Too”!
Jesus never left me! 
John 10:20 "And I give unto them eternal life, and
they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck
them out of my hand." (kjv)
I WAS away from God. Now I am baacckkk with Jesus
again!  Praise the Lord!
Remember how long it took me to quit smoking? Well,
this time the LORD removed my desire to drink!  He did
it for me immediately and completely!  Praise the Lord! 
And the Bankruptcy was discharged in 18-months! 
Praise the Lord!
© 2007 by Joseph Handlon
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