To Mel Gibson's Movie, THE PASSION OF CHRIST. Do you know WHO/WHAT Inspired the Movie?
Do you want to know??? (Click below)

Do you want to know the real reason Mel Gibson made the movie "Passion"? (Click Here)

I want to personally welcome you to this link. This statement was on this site along with other statements before I was exposed to the truth about this movie
"The miracle of technology allows us to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to our partners across the nation and around the world. Our Commission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ."
Welcome and May God Bless you and open your eyes to the truth.

Read the paper at the site.
After you have visited the site, Return here and check out the link below.

I'm passing this along in case anyone is interested in the comments from someone who has seen "The Passion of Christ". And is interested in the real reason Mel made his movie.


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