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11 Questions To Ask Your Carpet & Upholstery Professional

1.What type of equiment do you use to clean the carpet?
2.What method will you use to clean?
3.What chemicals do you use?
4.Are your cleaning solutions non-allergenic?
5.Will you use antimicrobials?
6.What does your equipment remove from my carpet?
7.Does your service include vacuuming?
9.Are you insured?
11.How often should I get my carpets cleaned?


Step 1 Act immediately. Most spills can be removed if immediate action is taken. The longer you delay, the more difficulty you may encounter in removing them.

Semi-solids should be gently picked up with a rounded spoon. Be careful not to damage the carpet. Blot liquids with clean white absorbent towels or tissues. Absorb as much moisture as possible. Continue blotting until no more moisture can be removed.

If you can identify your spot, proceed to the proper step. For unknown spots, follow the steps in the order listed.

Step 2 Absorb as much liquid from the carpet as possible. Place clean white towels or tissues over the area and step on them. Place more dry absorbent towels over the spot and step on them again. Place a 1/2 inch layer of white absorbent towels over the wet areas and weight them down. Change as the towels become wet.

Step 3 Apply several drops of the spot removal solution in an inconspicuous area. Hold a clean white absorbent towel on the wet area and count to ten. Examine the towel and carpet. If there is dye transfer, color change, or damage to the carpet, do not use this spot removal solution. Select another solution and test it.

Step 4 Non-Flammable Dry Cleaning Fluid. Butter, 'crayons, grease, lipstick, tar, and wax are the types of spills which are removed by a non-flammable dry cleaning liquid. Test. If safe, apply a few drops to a clean white absorbent towel. Never pour any spot removal solution directly onto your carpet. Use the dampened towel to blot a small area of the outer edge of the spot. Continue adding small amounts and blotting until all of the spot has been removed, or no more can be removed. If some of the spot remains, go to Step 5. Keep the dry cleaning fluid off the back of the carpet and rugs.

Step 5 Detergent Solution. Coffee, tea, foods, and similar spills are removed with detergent solution. Add a 1/8 teaspoon of a mild detergent which does not contain optical brighteners or lanolin to a pint of lukewarm water. Test. Apply small amounts to a clean white absorbent towel and blot. Repeat until no more of the spot is removed. Repeat Step 2. If some discoloration remains, go to Step 6.

Step 6 Ammonia Detergent Solution. Acids, fruit juices, and many dyes found in beverages, foods and medicines may be removed by - an ammonia detergent solution. To a cup of lukewarm water, add 1/8 teaspoon of a household non-sudsy colorless ammonia. Testing is very important. If the carpet dyes bleed, do not use this solution. If the carpet dyes do not bleed, apply small amounts to a clean white absorbent towel and blot. Repeat until all of the spot is removed. Repeat Step 2. If some discoloration remains, go to Step 7.

Step 7 White Vinegar Solution. Urine spots and some dyes are removed by a white vinegar solution. Mix one part of white vinegar to one part of warm water. Test. Apply a small amount to a clean white absorbent towel and blot. Repeat as long as appearance is improving. Repeat Step 2.

Step 8 After the spot has dried. Brush the pile with your fingers to restore-the texture. If any discoloration remains, you may want to consult a professional cleaner.

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