Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System Sealer Applied To My Carpets And Furniture, Does It Help?
Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning With The Patented Enviro-CLEAN System

Simply the Best Way To Clean Your Carpet!

Should I Have Sealer Applied to My Carpets & Furniture?

The Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning Soil Retardate is a high grade industrial strength sealer (DuPont Tefflon) which is sold only in the field by the cleaning crew. It is priced on a per room basis.

The Nu-Wave Soil Retardate is applied with a high pressure sprayer by the technician after the cleaning process has been completed. The sealer must be brushed into the carpet after spraying to insure proper adhesive effect and complete coverage.

The soil retardate is recommended for both carpets and furniture. Most carpet and furniture have been treated with a protective coating at the factory. This coating puts a barrier between the material and any oil or dirt which settles on the surface. After a period of time, this coating will begin to ware off. When this happens, the fabric or yarn is exposed to dirt, silt deposits and oil that can cut on and penetrate into the material causing wear and tear.

With Nu-Wave Carpet Cleaning's Five Step method of circular scrub dry foam, there is no residue or animal fat detergent that stays behind in the carpet to attract soil and dirt at a faster rate. But, unless a fabric protector is applied, there is nothing to repel the dirt, so carpets not only seem to get dirty faster after you start cleaning them, they really do get dirtier faster. Now since dirt is brasive, the carpet or furniture will wear faster because of the lack of fabric protector. With the Nu-Wave Soil Retardate, the carpets and furniture will stay cleaner longer, make the user's vacuuming more efficient, and significantly reduce the amount and rate of wear and tear.

It is simply that at Nu-Wave C.C., providing for the needs of our customers is Job#1. Soil retardate is an advisable product the customer should use to insure that the carpet and furniture is being properly maintained. The product is most definitely worth the price and is competitive with other fabric protectors used by other companies. As service Technicians, we should explain to the customer that carpet and furniture are very expensive in terms of replacement costs. Soil retardate is actually a small price to pay to protect the investment in the home.


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