Sliders Furniture Easy Movers

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SLIDERS Furniture Easy Movers. 4 inch Heavy Duty Plastic. Packed in a set of 4.
$15.00 per set 1 to 5 sets, + $3.20 S & H
$14.00 per set for 6 to 11 sets, + $5.00 S & H
$13.00 per set for 12 to 23 sets, + $8.00 S & H
$12.50 per set for Cleaner's Standard Case of 24 sets, + $10.00 S + H
$11.00 per set for Master Case of 96 sets, + $13.00 S & H. Company decals 50 cents per set additional.

"SLIDERS" are 4 1/2 inches diameter, and 1/2 inches high.
"SLIDERS" are made with an "Extra Strong" plastic that will not crack under heavy duty use.
"SLIDERS" are used by homeowners, carpet cleaners, restorers, painters, movers, furniture stores, maids and house cleaners.
"SLIDERS" are used under heavy furniture- To protect the carpet, To minimize crushing, To move furniture easier, To improve the indoor air quality by vacuuming under furniture not normally moved.
"SLIDERS" reduce friction burns, worn carpet fibers, stretching and rippling effects when furniture is moved, by smoothly sliding furniture instead of dragging it. The closed cell foam inserts, and the lip, prevent the furniture legs from coming off the "SLIDERS" when the item is moved.
"SLIDERS" are easy to sell- when placed under the heavy item and moved, ask the customer if she wants to buy them- if she says "Yes", just leave them under it when moving it back.
"SLIDERS" prevent furniture legs staining or rusting the carpet. Restorers can put a set under each item moved to extract and dry flooded carpets, without having to block or foil it, each time it is moved.
ORDERING INFORMATION Order by sending money to Pay Pal (link below) OR...... Send YOUR ORDER and a check to 2349 Achilles St, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 Include your e-mail address pls. I will verify your order by e-mail and ship out same day. Joseph (941)764-0004

RESTORER'S SPECIAL !! A Standard case of 24 sets of Sliders, and 1 Heavy Lifter, $240.00- that's $20.00 off regular price. Limit, one to a customer. Pay thru Pay Pal Pay me with Visa/MC at - always fast, free and secure!  Click Banner FREE

or send check to 2349 Achilles St, Port Charlotte, FL 33980

For more information, estimates, or comments
Please send e-mail to Joseph Handlon
or call (941) 764-0004

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